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Greater Flameback Chrysocolaptes guttacristatus

Notable features Also known as greater goldenback, they are large birds with plain golden-yellow wings. They have a very broad black band running across the eyes down through the sides of the neck. Their throat is mostly white with thin black stripes. Range In India, it is found in Western Ghats,the Himalayas and down into Bengal, Odisha and towards the interior into Chattisgarh.
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Photo1 Courtesy of THE PHOTOMATION, Photo2 Courtesy of Vijay Anand Ismavel
Sound Courtesy of David Farrow, XC42621. Accessible at

Blue-tailed bee-eater Merops philippinus

Key features Green birds with brown neck and black eye stripe. The bluish tail has wire-like elongated feathers. Range Throughout India with breeding range falling in Northern India and North-Eastern India, found in South India during non-breeding season.Seen near farmland, parks or ricefields. It is most often seen near large waterbodies.
Merops philippinus

Photo1 Courtesy of JJ Harrison, Photo2 Courtesy of Jason Thompson
Sound Courtesy of Paul I. Holt, AV#4024. Accessible at Avocet Avian Vocalizations Center.

Referred from: 1. Wikipedia  2.BirdLife International (2015) Species factsheet: Merops philippinus. Downloaded from on 12/01/2015

Plum-headed Parakeet Psittacula cyanocephala

Notable features Male has head coloration that reminds very much of a plum and beak color reminiscent of ripe mangoes. They have a red shoulder patch.The tail is blue,tipped with white. Alas! the female’s head lacks the grand colors, she has a dull blue-grey head with a yellow collar and beak.Shoulder patch is absent too. Range All over India except very dry areas of Western-India.
plum-headed parakeet male and female

Photo1 Courtesy of Sumeet Moghe , Photo2 Courtesy of  Tarique Sani
Sound Courtesy of Pamela C. Rasmussen , AV16014. Accessible at Avocet Avian Vocalizations Center

Yellow-crowned Woodpecker Dendrocopos mahrattensis

Notable features The yellow-crowned woodpecker or Mahratta woodpecker is a small pied (black and white colored) woodpecker.Males have yellowish forehead and red on the back of head. Females have completely yellowish heads.They have a red patch their belly. Range In India, it is found almsot all over India except the arid regions of Rajasthan, very high elevations of Himalayas i.e. above 2500 ft and eastern coastline.
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Photo1 Courtesy of J.M. Garg, Photo2 Courtesy of Nagarajan Kanna
Sound Courtesy of Paul I. Holt, AV#10436. Accessible at