Barbets of India

White-cheeked Barbet Megalaima Viridis

Notable features Green birds with a fat beak. They have white ‘eye-brow’ and white cheeks.White and brown streaked head and chest. Range Endemic to Western Ghats
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Photo Courtesy of  Sandeep Gangadharan – Photo1Photo2
Sound Courtesy of  Vivek Puliyeri, XC192283. Accessible at

Blue-throated Barbet Megalaima asiatica

Key features Green birds with red crown and blue face and throat. The thick bill is pale yellowish with black tip. Range Lower reaches of Himalayas in North and North East India.
blue-throated barbet_index

Photo1 Courtesy of nbu2012, Photo2 Courtesy of Vijay Anand Ismavel
Sound Courtesy of Shiladitya Mukherjee, XC129318, Accessible at

Lineated Barbet Megalaima lineata

Key features Green birds with broad brown & white stripes on head & breast. A yellow ring of skin around the eye. Range North and North East India. Can be seen among greenery in cities.

Photo1 Courtesy of Vijay Anand Ismavel, Photo2 Courtesy of J.M. Garg
Sound Courtesy of Sudipto Roy, XC125382, XC125846. Accessible at,Accessible at