White-bellied Treepie Photo Guide

I invite you to take a brief tour through images of this bird from the crow family.This bird is present only in South India and nowhere else in the world, so this bird is endemic to South India.

White-bellied treepie - Dendrocitta leucogastra

Photo Courtesy of Mike Barth @ Neriamangalam, Kerala, Mar 2011

Here is a white-bellied treepie.You can easily tell this apart from the more common rufous treepie from the overall white coloration. It has a white body with a black face mask extending down to its neck.It has calls that are slighly different from the rufous treepie. Calls are available at the index page.

Although they are white in color, their shoulder region is ochre in color.Here is a snap showing a group of white-bellied treepies.Now you can observe their color patterns from different angles.White-bellied treepie

Photo Courtesy of Madhukar Bangalore @ Chikkamagalur,Karnataka Jun 2009

This bird is a member of the corvidae i.e. crow family.Note how similar its head and beak is to that of a crow.They are found in forested areas and is less associated with human habitation than the widespread rufous treepie.See how agile this fellow is!White-bellied Treepie

Photo Courtesy of Mike Prince @ Thattekad,Kerala Feb 2008

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