Plum-headed Parakeet Photo Guide

I invite you to take a tour through images of this colorful bird. I have carefully selected images which has captured the key features of the bird. By seeing these photos, and reading tips below, you will learn to recognize this parakeet better. I encourage you to make your own mental notes of features you find unique and striking.

Plum-headed_parakeet_Pair(Psittacula_cyanocephala)Photo Courtesy of Shantanu Kuveskar ,Dec 2014
Note that the male parakeet has deep red on its head, almost maroon. There is a thin black collar which starts from the lower beak and gives it the appearance of  a “French cut beard”. The neck below the thin black line is greenish-blue.
plum-headed parakeet femalePhoto Courtesy of  michaelandhelencox @ Northern India,Dec 2011
Note that the female has no “plum head” and no shoulder patchplum-headed parakeet malePhoto Courtesy of  michaelandhelencox @ Ranthanbore Fort,Rajasthan,Dec 2011
The white tail tips of both male and female birds confirm its identity as the plum-headed parakeet. Its range is also very helpful to separate it from the similar looking blossom-headed parakeet.

I am planning to add more information about this bird near the photos. Meanwhile, you could read more about this beautiful bird @ Wikipedia.

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