Lineated Barbet Photo Guide

The lineated barbet is so named because of its broad brown & white stripes on head and breast. The bird has a green body and a yellow ring of skin around its eyes much like the brown headed barbet. However the yellow ring does not reach down to the parting of the beaks.
lineated barbet                 Photo Courtesy of  Vijay Anand Ismavel   @ Hathikhira Tea Estate, Karimganj District, Assam,, Mar 2014
Notice the typical barbet kind of fat bill for the bird. Note the broad white and brown stripes.

Lineated_Barbet-_feeds_on_fruit                Photo Courtesy of  J.M. Garg   @ Kolkata, West Bengal, feeding on Goolar Fig (Ficus racemosa), Nov 2005
Like all barbets they are predominantly frugivorous i.e. fruit eaters and they nest in cavities excavated in tree branches.
14083904977_53c3af36b9_bmodfin             Photo Courtesy of Vijay Anand Ismavel @ Makunda Christian Hospital, Karimganj District, Assam, May 2014
Here is another beautiful shot of a lineated barbet flying out of its nest cavity.
Lineated barbet flying from nest                                                  Photo Courtesy of Dipto Sarkar , Mar 2014
They nesting season lasts from March till June or July when the young is fledged i.e. they are ready to fly. Their range is in northern parts of India in the lower reaches of Himalayas in states like Himachal pradesh,Uttaranchal, and then in North eastern India and down South into Kolakta and Orissa. The birds native range spreads into Nepal and other South East Asian countries of Thailand, Vietnam,Burma etc. The bird is an introduced species to Singapore.

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