Green bee-eater Photo Guide

Please take a tour through some superb shots of this colorful bird. This way you will learn to recognize this bird better by making mental notes of what features you find striking.little green bee-eater merops orientalis                                            Photo Courtesy of  Koshy Koshy  @ Sultanpur,Haryana, Apr 2012

475px-Merops_orientaliscrop                                                    Photo Courtesy of  JJ Harrison @ Pak Thale, Thailand, Jan 2011

Green Bee-eaters-02                                          Photo Courtesy of  Sunil Elias  @ Kochi, Kerala, Apr 2006
Green Bee-eater from Dubai                                          Photo Courtesy of  Thomas Schoch  @Dubai, UAE, Dec 2007
Note that this sub-species found in Central & eastern Arabian peninsula has more blue on its face and a green with a blue wash on its breast. The sub-species name is M. o. muscatensis where M is for Merops and O for orientalis.

I am planning to add more information about this bird near the photos. Meanwhile go to this excellent link from Wikipedia to know more about this beautiful bird.

Green bee-eater page @ Wikipedia


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