Blue-throated Barbet Photo Guide

Blue-throated barbet is a very colorful bird indeed. This barbet is a green bird with a blue face and wears a red cap with black border! Bill is yellowish, reminds me of a bamboo cane yellow, blackish towards the tips.
blue-throated barbet            Photo Courtesy of   Vijay Anand Ismavel    @ Makunda Christian Hospital, Karimganj District, Assam, Oct 2014

In India, these birds are found in the Himalayas in Northern India, in North-east India and in Bengal. Its range extends further east into Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, some parts of China etc.
blue_throated barbet                    Photo Courtesy of nbu2012   @ University of North Bengal,near Siligri, Darjeeling,West Bengal.Feb 2013
Like all barbets they are predominantly frugivorous i.e. fruit eaters and they nest in cavities excavated in tree branches.

” It does not associate in flocks and even the family parties seem to break up very quickly, though great numbers may be seen together on favorite fruit-trees” noted E.C. Stuart Baker in his book,The fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma,1927. Well, a 2012 post from the blog,sillyrefelctions, by Avinash Hindupur confirms that the bird’s habits has not changed much in 85 years! – “This bird loves Common Fig and Peepal tree.They are generally spotted early morning having community breakfasts with other birds like Koels, Bulbuls, Magpie Robins and other Barbet species found here” Here refers to his campus @ IIT-Guwahati,Assam.

Here is a barbet peeking out from its nest in Santiniketan, the town founded by the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.
megalaima_asiatica in nest                                      Photo Courtesy of Aliul Azim   @ Santiniketan,West Bengal.Apr 2013


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