Blue-cheeked bee-eater Photo Guide

I invite you to take a tour through images of this colorful bird. I have selected the images which best capture the key features and habits of the bird.By seeing these photos, you will learn to recognize this bee-eater better by making mental notes of what features you find unique and striking. This is a  bird of semi-arid regions and open grasslands.
merops persicus

Photo Courtesy of  Koshy Koshy  @ Basai, Gurgaon, Haryana, Jun 2012
Looks at the pretty painted blue masks with black bands!

merops persicusPhoto Courtesy of  Werner Witte  @ Kilis, Turkey, May 2012
blue-cheeked bee-eater nesting clif
Photo Courtesy of  Yuriy75  @ Baikonur-town, Kazakhstan, May 2010
The nests are located in low cliffs,sandy banks, embankments etc.

I am planning to add more information about this bird near the photos. Meanwhile go to this excellent link from Wikipedia to know more about this beautiful bird.

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