World Bee-eaters

The color green predominates the plumage of all the bee-eaters found in India. However there are bee-eaters with plumage color that is very different. Come, let us meet some exotic bee-eaters! Although their colors are different, you will still notice that their overall appearance i.e. bill shape, body etc are very much bee-eater like, at least, most of the time!

Merops nubicoidesPhoto Courtesy of  Tarique Sani  @ Botswana, Nov 2010
Meet the the lovely Southern carmine bee-eater from Africa, dressed in reddish-pink!
Merops nubicusPhoto Courtesy of  Steve Garvie  @ Kenya, Aug 2007
Here is another reddish-pink bee-eater from Africa, the, Northern carmine bee-eater.
Nyctyornis amictusPhoto Courtesy of  Mark Louis Benedict  @ Sabah,Malaysia Jan 2013
Here is bee-eater, that looks a bit different, the, Red-bearded bee-eater found in regions around Malaysia,Thailand etc.

I hope I have kindled in you, a curiosity and an appreciation for the diversity of birds across the world. You can read more about bee-eaters @Wikipedia.

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