Birds of India by Looks Help


India is blessed with a lot of bird life. Therefore anyone living or visiting India is likely to find a lot of birds around them.”Birds of India by Looks” is intended to help you quickly identify that bird you saw in India.Also, you could have a fun time browsing the guide, just to know more about birds of India.

How tos

Question: You just saw a bird in India – be it anywhere, near your house, on a park or on a wild life sanctuary.How will you identify what bird you just saw?
Answer: All you need to do is look at the icons in the main page. Click the most suitable type of the bird from the list of icons. For example, was the bird a type of parrot or was it a type of woodpecker? You will be led to a list of bird photos, sounds and basic information.From the list you can go to the detailed photo guide to know more about the bird.

I recommend you to browse this friendly guide at your leisure to get accustomed to common groups of birds. You will soon get the hang of it and start identifying birds in no time.
Enjoy your journey!!!

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