India Bird Guide by Looks Help Page

India is blessed with a lot of bird life. “India Bird Guide” is intended to help you identify birds found in India. You could also browse it at your leisure to view and know more about the many birds of India.
This guide makes the task easier because it does not require you to know some intimidating taxonomic order or scientific family names of the birds. All you need to know is the general type of the bird – for example was the bird a type of dove or was it a type of woodpecker? In case you are not sure of that, even then the guide is grouped based on the general appearances of related groups of birds. So you would be able to identify the exact name of the bird by clicking on the closest type of bird you saw. You could choose the type based on overall shape of the bird and its color and its general habitat and markings on the body.
I recommend you to browse this friendly guide at your leisure to get accustomed to common groups of birds. You will soon get the hang of it and start identifying birds in no time.
Enjoy your bird journey!!!

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