Acknowledgements is a tribute to the hard work, love for mother nature and passion to share knowledge by free licenses by the many nature lovers around the world.

I wish to express my deep gratitude and great appreciation to all the nature lovers who have so generously shared their work through various mediums with

I can’t thank enough the many open source initiatives for making vast knowledge available free and open for all.I wish to give special mention to Wikipedia,Wikimedia commons,,,,IUCN,Xeno-canto,Avocet Avian Vocalizations Center,IBIS the Indian Biodiversity Information System,AVIS-IBIS the avian wing of IBIS for making quality content and thus enormous knowledge available, free of charge.I love the flickr and bing’s searches for creative commons content.

I wish to thank the free software movement, especially WordPress,MySQL,PHP and XAMPP for being the foundation of my dream project.Inkscape,Picasa and Gimp made my work bright and light.Audacity made it sweet.

I wish to thank some wonderful online tutorials for helping me work on these platforms, especially W3 Schools , CSS Tricks and Wpbeginner.

The loving support of my friends and family is what helps me put together this garden of birds for you…Your well wishes,support and suggestions is much appreciated.

Image credits:,Arvin61r58 Kind Volunteers

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