me A warm welcome to AtoZ birds. I hope you enjoyed your visit here.

Why do I run this site?
I just want to help birders identify their birds quicker. I believe that Identifying a bird is theĀ  first step in building a deeper interest in the birds around you. Also,it is great fun to share cool info and lovely bird photos. It’s like growing a garden, a beautiful garden full of birds.I have compiled sights and sounds of the most common birds of India. I will keep updating the site on a regular basis.Please leave a your comments and suggestions. I appreciate it a lot.

By the way, this site is hosted in a sub-domain of butterdaisy.com to save my hosting costs and hence the url atozbirds.butterdaisy.com. I already purchased hosting space to host butterdaisy.com. Since atozbirds.com is redirected here, you can use the easier-to-type name atozbirds.com to access this site.

If you ask me to describe myself, this quote from Vladimir Nabokov sums me up quite nicely:
“…I can not separate the aesthetic pleasure I feel, when I see a butterfly, from the scientific pleasure of knowing what it is…”

I am a busy mother who took a sabbatical from my IT profession to spend more time with my kid. I channeled my free time towards building the foundation of this garden of birds. My family and friends encourages me with their loving support to continue growing this garden. Read the thank you page here.

Thank you for stopping by.Please come again soon!
Yours Sincerely, Divya

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