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Rock Dove Photo Guide

I invite you to take a brief tour through images of this familiar bird officially named rock dove from 2011 onwards.It is known as rock pigeon or simply the pigeon as well. While you view this article, I request you to make mental notes of features you find striking in this bird.DSC_0019

Photo Courtesy of Ravi Khemka @ Andheri West, Mumbai, Jan 2010

You can see that the true wild form of the pigeon is a grey bird with two dark wing bars. It has metallic green and purple around its neck and upper breast. Note the orange-yellow eyes and coral red legs. There is a white patch at the base of the beak. Females look similar but a bit smaller in size. Continue reading

Rock Dove Columba livia

Key Features Also known as rock pigeon, this is a familiar bird in cities and towns. The true wild form has slaty-grey feathers with two dark bars on wings. They have metallic green and purple sheen around neck and upper breast.Legs are coral red. There are domestic pigeon breeds having wide variation in color and patterns, but they all belong to the same species of rock dove. Range They are found throughout India.
rock dove index img

Photo on right, Courtesy of J.M. Garg Photo left top, Courtesy of Luis Alejandro Escalante Rodríguez Photo left bottom, Courtesy of Nabarunsadhya
Sound Courtesy of Pamela C. Rasmussen,AV#2539 & AV#2540. Accessible at &

Common Kingfisher Photo Guide

I invite you to take a brief tour through images of this sparrow sized kingfisher which is found near water bodies.The common kingfisher is present throughout India.Common kingfisher Alcedo atthis

Photo Courtesy of Mike Prince @ Dal Lake,Kashmir May 2014

Salim Ali, in his book of Indian birds has described this kingfisher’s size as similar to that of a house sparrow. What picture will better explain this bird’s sparrow-like size than the picture above? So, this is a cute little kingfisher with blue or bluish-green back and wings.It has a rusty orange breast and belly. Continue reading

White-throated Kingfisher Photo Guide

I invite you to take a brief tour through images of beautiful bird which is the most familiar kingfisher near human habitations.This bird is present throughout India.
White-throated kingfisher halcyon smyrnensis

Photo Courtesy of Manjith Kainickara @ Kerala, Apr 2010

This beautiful kingfisher has a chocolatey head and belly with a white throat and breast. The bird’s back and tail are a brilliant blue.In flight, large white patches are visible on the blue and black wings.You can observe the same from this beautiful capture by Rahul Alvares.White-throated kingfisher in flight1

Photo Courtesy of Rahul Alvares @ Pilerne Lake,Goa Dec 2012

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