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Brown-headed Barbet Photo Guide

The brown-headed barbet or large green barbet (Megalaima zeylanica) has a range that is widespread in the Indian subcontinent. It is present in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well. It is fairly tolerant of humans and is often seen in cities, in greenery.
brown_headed barbet                                Photo Courtesy of   Gaurika Wijeratne    @ Kotikawatta, Sri Lanka, Dec 2011
Notice that the bird has brown head and chest with thin white streaks. The yellow ring of skin around the eye extends down up to the opening of the beak. These characteristics helps distinguish it from the similar looking lineated barbet. Continue reading

Coppersmith Barbet Photo Guide

The bird is called coppersmith barbet because its call is similar to clinking metal. This clinking sound is likened to a coppersmith tapping metal with a small hammer.You can listen to the sound at the intro page here. This bird named scientifically as megalamia haemacephala, is found throughout the Indian subcontinent. This barbet’s range is spread across other countries of Southeast Asia like Burma,Thailand,Malaysia etc. Lets take a tour through some fine photographs of this colorful bird ….
coppersmith_barbet backview                                                 Photo Courtesy of   Akshay Charegaonkar    @ Mumbai, Nov 2011
Notice the red forehead and the yellow around the eyes and chin. Also note the black beak and coral-red legs. Continue reading

White-cheeked Barbet Photo Guide

The white-cheeked barbet has a white ‘eyebrow'(supercilium) and a white cheek stripe. This barbet is endemic to Western Ghats. I am sure you will instantly recognize the Kutrr Kutrr call of the bird which is available in the intro page here.

Enjoy the photos  of this beautiful bird and learn how to recognize the White-cheeked Barbet aka small green barbet (Megalaima viridis).

White-cheeked-barbet-close-up-id-450Photo Courtesy of   Joseph T A    @ Kanjirapally,Kerala on a Mulberry Tree, Sep 2009

You can clearly see the why the bird is called white-cheeked barbet in this excellent shot. Notice the white ‘eyebrow’ technically called supercilium. Note the fat bill, the streaked breast and green body. The very similar brown-headed barbet has yellow skin around the eyes whereas this one absolutely no yellow anywhere near the eye. Continue reading